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leXsolar-H2 Basic

Item number: 1230
What is a fuel cell and what does it do? What is an electrolyzer and, using this device, how can water be broken down to its component elements? What can be powered with a fuel cell? These questions …
EUR -1.00

leXsolar-Minikit Basic

Item number: 2030
For experimenting with the leXsolar basics in elementary school you need the leXsolar-Minkit Basic. It contains a small base unit, cables and short circuit plugs to connect the modules. With a hand …
EUR -1.00

leXsolar-Kit Basic

Item number: 2031
For quantitative experiments with the leXsolar-Basics in Junior High School you need the leXsolar-Kit Basic. With the enclosed Smart Control components, an innovative measuring and control system is …
EUR -1.00

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