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Worlddidac Association - Member's Voice - Episode 1

What is the connection link between the UN SDG (Unit Nation Sustainable Development Goals) and the transformation of the global energy production?


These questions and other are answered by a view of Worlddidac Association represent by Mr. Danny Gauch (General Director) and Mr. Michael Dietrich (leXsolar CEO) in the video or the podcast



The eMobility Instructor in Osnabrück

Last week our CEO Michael Dietrich and our product developer Ronald traveled to Osnabrück, to hand over another eMobility Instructor to a customer. This time a vocational school. We are very proud to have started a new project and hope that the next generation of mechatronic technicians will spend many hours experimenting with the eMobility Instructor.

Emils World Trip 2020

Last week our students project "Emils World Trip" started up once again. Our educational partner SWE Stadtwerke Erfurt GmbH is giving students the oppertunity to learn about sustainable energy in an exciting way. Differing from prior years, the project did not start at the public utility company but directly at the school. We visited the classroom and witnessed how much enthusiasm the students worked with. We are looking forward to following the journey of Emil to his future travel destinations and the learning process of the students.

leXsolar Field Day 2020

On the 04/09 our team went on a day-long hike to Saxon Switzerland. We started our journey at the main station in Dresden and caught the train to Rathen. When we arrived, the ferry was already waiting and transported us safely to the other side of the river Elbe. Our hike led us past Amselsee to the Honigstein. A few of us got lost on the way but luckily reunited with the rest of the team on top of the Honigstein. Our journey continued to the restaurant "Forellenräucherei" where we ate a well-deserved meal before catching the train back to Dresden. A great day spent outdoors!

Our current status during COVID-19: We are still there for you!


We have summarized all the important information for you in a short video.

21st International Middle East Power Systems Conference

At this year's MEPCON (International Middle East Power System Conference) leXsolar was invited as a special guest.

Egypt is one of our future markets.
The hunger for energy and the young population are ideal conditions for the promotion of education in the field of renewable energies.

Together with our local partner we have the chance to create this actively. We thank Mr. Mohamed and we are looking forward to the next projects.

Michael Dietrich
CEO leXsolar


eLearning Africa

This year the 14th edition of the "eLearning Africa" conference and trade fair took place in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Vocational training is one of the six main topics of the conference.

Due to strong economic growth and rapid further development in the digital sector, this year's host country, Ivory Coast, is a potential future target market for the German education industry.

We would like to thank our head of development Dmitry Kushnikovskiy for his presence at the joint booth of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Thailand - National Science an Technology Fair 2019

Best regards and many thanks to our partner in Thailand Mr. Komate for the great presentation of leXsolar at the "National Science an Technology Fair 2019".  We are happy to promote and develop the practical skills of pupils, students and adults in the field of new energy technology.

Vietnam Roadshow

In July, our partners from Vietnam were on the road in terms of education. They visited the Dongnai College of High Technology and Cantho University. In various courses the students were trained in the basics and advanced knowledge of electromobility and renewable energies.

We are pleased to have made such a significant contribution to the "green" energy revolution. Best regards and many thanks to our partner Mr. Dat in Vietnam for the great presentation of leXsolar.


Electro Mobility Training in China - leXsolar is onboard!

We were pleased to be invited again this year to the largest national event in the field of automotive education. Together with our partner and his highly motivated team, leXsolar was able to present its solutions for new energies and electric mobility, especially in the field of basic engineering training.

"We follow the big German manufacturers in the automotive sector and are sure that China will be one of the main sales markets for leXsolar in the near future. Despite the extremely high density of competition our teaching systems are perfect complements for our partners and their customers."

Michael Dietrich
Managing Director leXsolar

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