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leXsolar in Didacta Stuttgart 2023

We show you the highlights of Didacta Stuttgart 2023!

The largest education fair in Europe was a success with more than 56,000 visitors. The focus this year was the presentation of our product solution in the field of hydrogen for the Expert Line, leXsolar booth visitors had the opportunity to see and experiment with the leXsolar-H2 Expert for the first time.

We had the opportunity to meet some of our international partners and to sign new partnerships, as an example: Argentina.

We thank all partners and visitors for their interest, see you at Didacta 2024!

leXsolar in Washington

leXsolar, as Worlddidac member and thanks to DGIC in Washington, had the opportunity to analyze the situation of education field worldwide.

We thank Worlddidac as well as, World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Millennium Challenge Corporation and the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation for the event.

Renewable Energy Skills Development RESD in Indonesia

The Renewable Energy Skills Development Project aims at supporting the expansion of renewable energy in Indonesia by increasing the availability of qualified staff in the labor market of renewable energy field.

“Training the Trainers” is an activity to instruct lecturers and laboratory personnel from selected Polytechnic Education Institutions.

Training on the use of solar and laboratory equipment at Manado State Polytechnic is based on the annual RESD project 2022 framework to prepare the implementation of the Renewable energy specialization (D4 Program semesters 7 and 8) in the field of solar, hydro and hybrid.

leXsolar is proud of instructing the basic training for future PV Professionals. Together with SEDAYU Solar, the leading solar energy company in Indonesia, we are moving forward pushing the transformation to a green economy in Indonesia and worldwide.

Thanks to all project partners for this project.


More information:

Michael Dietrich

CEO leXsolar GmbH

leXsolar in Asia

LeXsolar, is on route visiting Partners, Fair Trades and Universities in Asia! Manila, Jakarta, Bangkok, Hanoi...


leXsolar with UNESCO - Global Education Coalition

LeXsolar, as member of the Worlddidac, supports UNESCO – Global Education Coalition with the intention of enhancing learning experiences and facilitating learning during and post COVID-19 pandemic. leXsolar offers an interactive course to train the knowledge about a global key issue- renewable energies.

Immerse yourself in the world of photovoltaics, wind power, electromobility and further topics!

leXsolar in Egypt!

The fourth international engineering conference of the Faculty of Engineering in Shebin El-Kom exhibited scientific and industrial products. leXsolar products were presented by our Partner Smart Systems Egypt, the president of the company showed the modern equipment in different training systems.

leXsolar in Thailand!

Michael Dietrich, leXsolar CEO, visited our partners in Thailand to sign various agreements of cooperation with different colleges and organizations.

leXsolar in Croatia!

leXsolar at the NEW ENERGY DAYS in Croatia. We are proud that we were able to present leXsolar at the event and sustainably support the development of renewable energies with our products. We would like to thank our partner BELMET97 for organizing the event with more than 100 participants and look forward to many future projects.

leXsolar events around the world!

leXsolar continues with different events around the world! Last week our partner in Maynmar, Thor Dar Hein Sciences Company, led an event where the latest technical leXsolar equipment was presented.

FXB - 16th Automotive & Training Forum

Last December, leXsolar participated in the 16th Automotive & Training Forum organized by FXB. This year, the central theme of the online event was "Ecological Integration and Smart Future".


Our CEO, Michael Dietrich, led a presentation about the topic "Hydrogen Energy Revolution - Impact on Education". Mr. Dietrich presented the benefits of hydrogen energy and the latest developments and applications, as well as the latest advances in the energy transition to a hydrogen-focused economy.


We thank FXB for organizing the event and all the speakers for their interesting presentations and talks.

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