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21st International Middle East Power Systems Conference

At this year's MEPCON (International Middle East Power System Conference) leXsolar was invited as a special guest.

Egypt is one of our future markets.
The hunger for energy and the young population are ideal conditions for the promotion of education in the field of renewable energies.

Together with our local partner we have the chance to create this actively. We thank Mr. Mohamed and we are looking forward to the next projects.

Michael Dietrich
CEO leXsolar


eLearning Africa

This year the 14th edition of the "eLearning Africa" conference and trade fair took place in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Vocational training is one of the six main topics of the conference.

Due to strong economic growth and rapid further development in the digital sector, this year's host country, Ivory Coast, is a potential future target market for the German education industry.

We would like to thank our head of development Dmitry Kushnikovskiy for his presence at the joint booth of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Thailand - National Science an Technology Fair 2019

Best regards and many thanks to our partner in Thailand Mr. Komate for the great presentation of leXsolar at the "National Science an Technology Fair 2019".  We are happy to promote and develop the practical skills of pupils, students and adults in the field of new energy technology.

Vietnam Roadshow

In July, our partners from Vietnam were on the road in terms of education. They visited the Dongnai College of High Technology and Cantho University. In various courses the students were trained in the basics and advanced knowledge of electromobility and renewable energies.

We are pleased to have made such a significant contribution to the "green" energy revolution. Best regards and many thanks to our partner Mr. Dat in Vietnam for the great presentation of leXsolar.


Electro Mobility Training in China - leXsolar is onboard!

We were pleased to be invited again this year to the largest national event in the field of automotive education. Together with our partner and his highly motivated team, leXsolar was able to present its solutions for new energies and electric mobility, especially in the field of basic engineering training.

"We follow the big German manufacturers in the automotive sector and are sure that China will be one of the main sales markets for leXsolar in the near future. Despite the extremely high density of competition our teaching systems are perfect complements for our partners and their customers."

Michael Dietrich
Managing Director leXsolar

Good Morning Vietnam!


A very warm welcome to our new partner in Vietnam.

We are pleased to be able to win the market leader in the field of technical teaching systems with the company of Mr. Dat.

Vietnam is one of the world' s most dynamic countries in Southeast Asia.

With its young population and the positive image of products made in Germany, we hope to be able to have a significant contribution to the education on new energies in Vietnam.

2nd International Conference on Sustainable Environmental Protection

Merhaba and thanks a lot to our partner in Egypt Mr. Mohamad Assis for the great presentation of leXsolar at this year's Congress for Sustainable Environment in Cairo. We are pleased to be part of this advancement and help to create more practical skills for students and adults in the area of new energy engineering.

Review of the EU Education-Programme in Malawi

Our qualified instructor Ronald Hübner travelled to South Africa as a part of an educational support program of the European Union.

In the period from 11th to 15th February he visited the capital of Malawi. We asked him about his impressions and experiences.


Ronald, I am happy to welcome you here again.

Was it your first visit to Africa? And did you have any idea about what to expect?

Yes, it was my first time in Africa. I must say I was very excited. It took 24 hours to get there and when I finally arrived in Malawi I was welcomed by a beautiful green landscape, 30 degrees and sunshine. Honestly not as I expected, because I thought it was rain season.


What was your task?

My task was to train teachers in the EU education project with leXsolar's experimental systems. With the aim that the teachers would then be able to teach students at their schools and to pass on the knowledge about the functioning of technologies such as solar and wind energy


Which of our experimental systems did you introduce and what was a typical daily routine like?

I presented the experiment systems PV Professional, Wind Professional, ThermalEnergy Professional and SmartGrid Professional. I visited the technical college every day and presented an experimental system each day. On Friday, I presented a summary of all topics and afterwards a lecture about advantages and disadvantages of fossil and renewable energy sources.


How do you think the teachers adapted to the experimental systems and the new knowledge?

A total of 14 teachers took part in the training.  Everyone was really interested in the experimental systems and the possibility to put the theoretical knowledge into practice.  I think everyone, myself included, had a lot of fun with it.


Which topic were the participants most interested in?

I would say the topic SmartGrid was the best. Malawi has an electrification rate of about ten percent and the topic of intelligent power grids is therefore still completely new, because it has simply not yet been used. The experiment on storing of thermal energy generated a lot of enthusiasm.


What potential do you think renewable energies will have in Malawi in the future?

In Malawi a lot of energy and electricity is already being generated from hydropower. Solar energy in particular, but also wind energy have a very large potential. I hope that the country will continue on the path of renewable energies instead of relying on conventional energy sources such as coal and oil like other countries.


Although Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, its inhabitants are considered to be the friendliest and most generous people. How did you experience Malawi?

That is true, they are very kind people. In spite of the poverty, they are all very friendly and polite. I would say Malawi is truly the "Warm Heart of Africa".


Thank you for taking the time to give us a brief summary of the project in Malawi and the country in general.

Welcome back Emil!

In September 2018 Emil - a little penguin who explores the world of renewable energies to save his home - started his world trip for the 2nd time.

Six classes from three schools joined Emil on a virtual trip around the world during one school year and answered questions about energy projects worldwide. The aim was to score points by answering quiz questions at each destination.

In addition to the three individual destinations, the trip also included an E-Mobility Day. Here, at three different stations, everything revolved around electric vehicles. The project doesn't just excite students but also their teachers. We have asked the teachers some questions about Emil's world trip and received the following feedback:

What did you like about the individual stations of the E-Mobility Day?

Königin-Luise-Gymnasium: "The students were able to explore for themselves and learn a lot, the variety and also the take away of the cars was good".

Staatliches Gymnasium 10: "The stations were very wide-ranging. The expectations of the children were exceeded".

Gesamtschule Roter Berg: "The contents were well explained through the tablets. [... ] The inclusion of a photo competition was a successful, creative addition."

How do your students rate the competition for points against other school classes?

Königin-Luise-Gymnasium: "The students are very excited about it and it encourages them."

Staatliches Gymnasium 10: "The first thing the students want to know is how they scored in comparison to the rival class and preferably also the overall score. This competition motivates them a lot".

Do you have the feeling that you can integrate the applied knowledge into your lessons?

Königin-Luise-Gymnasium: "I think that's possible in several places, also in geography class".

Staatliches Gymnasium 10: "The knowledge is brought up again within an interdisciplinary project."


The trip ends on 3rd April at SWE in Erfurt. The finalists from each school have been selected and the preparations for the final are in great progress. All participants can look forward to creative and amusing short presentations of the various destinations.

Now it's time for the students to stay on track!  A winner has not been identified yet, because even on the final day there are enough points to move up the leaderboard.


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