leXsolar-Minikit Basic

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For experimenting with the leXsolar basics in elementary school you need the leXsolar-Minkit Basic. It contains a small base unit, cables and short circuit plugs to connect the modules. With a hand crank generator the students produce electrical energy for the experiments themselves. Thus, no extra electrical connection or voltage source is needed.

Mainly qualitative experiments with the leXsolar-Basics


1x 1602-01 Base unit small
1x 1602-02 Hand generator
1x 2030-01 Carton 2030
1x L2-06-014 Test lead black 50 cm
1x L2-06-015 Test lead red 50 cm
2x L2-06-033 Short-circuit plug
1x L3-01-180 Insert Minikit Basic 2030
1x L3-03-210 Layout diagram Minikit Basic 2030
1x L3-03-258 Info sheet initial startup

Extras needed:

Extras available:

1130 leXsolar-PV Basic
1230 leXsolar-H2 Basic
1430 leXsolar-Wind Basic
1830 leXsolar-EMobility Basic
1930 leXsolar-Hydropower Basic

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