Laboratory thermometer

Item number: L2-06-016


Alcohol laboratory thermometer with red liquid. White occupied
capillaries, amber stain graduation, Length according to ISO 305
mm, 6mm Ø, with suspension eye, packed in a protective plastic
holder, measurement range: -10..+ 110°C, graduation: 1°C


--> PV
1. Temperature coefficients of the solar cell
2. Dependence of the solar cell power of the temperature
3. V-I-characteristics of the solar cell in dependence of the temperature
--> Thermal energy
--> Bio Fuel
1. Production of Biodiesel (FAME) from fats & oils
2. Fermentation on the basis of different sugars
3. Link between reaction speed and temperature
4. Distillation of fermented mash
5. Temperature dependence of the power

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