leXsolar-EMobility Basic

Item number: 1830


With leXsolar-EMobility Basic the students experience electric mobility close to the action. The electric model car can rush through the classroom with the supercapacitor or can be powered by the solar module directly from the sun. Thus, leXsolar-EMobility Basic combines storage technologies and an electric vehicle in one experimental kit. Based on illustrative experiments the kit imparts the basic knowledge about those topics. Combined with leXsolar-H2 Basic a fuel cell car can be built.
For using this product you additionally need the leXsolar-Minikit Basic in primary school and the leXsolar-Kit Basic in Junior High School, each of which contains all necessary accessories.


1x 1100-31 Solar module 2.5 V, 420 mA
1x 1600-02 Capacitor module 5.0F/5.4V
1x 1801-02 Electric model car
1x 1830-01 Carton 1830
1x L3-01-178 Insert EMobility basic 1830
1x L3-03-206 Layout diagram EMobility Basic 1830
1x L3-03-258 Info sheet initial startup

Zusätzlich benötigte Teile:
1x 2030 leXsolar-Minikit Basic
1x 2031 leXsolar-Kit Basic


Storage of solar energy
Operation of a solar-powered electric car
The speed of the electric car depending on the sunlight conditions
Operating an electric car with the capacitor
Dependence of the power of the electric car on the charge state of the capacitor
The characteristics of a capacitor
The characteristics of a solar module

Assembly Plan


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