leXsolar-Emobility Professional

Item number: 1801


For storing electrical energy many different battery technologies are already on the market. But what application needs which battery type, what capacity does the battery need to have and what loading performance is the best to guarantee a long durability? Due to the problem of storing renewable energy, these are questions which need to be worked on in technical training.
With leXsolar-EMobility Professional, the characteristics of different battery types can be analyzed. In addition, the kit helps students to find out more about the different fields of application. The kit comes with different battery technologies such as lead, NiMH or Lithium-Polymer(LiPo) as well as a PEM-fuel cell. For the correct determination of the internal resistance four-terminal sensing is possible.
With the integrated ChargerModule batteries are always ready to use and battery charging methods can be addressed in experiments.


1x 1118-02 Motor module Pro
1x 1118-09 Battery module NiMH 3xAAA Pro
1x 1118-11 Capacitor module Pro
1x 1400-13 leXsolar-Base unit Professional
1x 1800-01 Resistor module (triple) Pro
1x 1800-03 Resistor plug element 1 Ohm
1x 1800-04 Resistor plug element 100 Ohm
3x 1800-05 Resistor plug element 10 Ohm
1x 1800-06 Resistor plug element 33 Ohm
1x 1800-07 Lithium-polymer (LiPo)-battery module
1x 1800-08 Battery module holder 1xAAA Pro
1x 1800-09 Battery adapter cable
1x 1800-12 Fuel cell holder Pro
1x 1800-13 Lead (Pb) -battery module Pro
1x 1801-02 Electric model car
1x 1801-06 LiFePo-battery AAA
1x 9100-13 ChargerModule
1x 9100-03 AV-Module
1x 1100-62 Potentiometer module 110 Ohm Pro
1x 1800-15 Distilled water (100 ml)
1x L2-02-017 Propeller
1x L2-04-059 Safety test lead, 50cm, red
1x L2-04-060 Safety test lead, 50cm, black
1x L2-04-066 Safety test lead, 25cm, red
1x L2-04-067 Safety test lead, 25cm, black
1x L2-04-102 NiZn-battery AAA
3x L2-05-068 Safety short-circuit plug, with mid socket
1x L2-06-011 Digital multimeter
1x L2-06-067 Reversible Fuel cell
1x L3-01-072 Aluminium case Emobility-Professional
1x L3-01-092 Insert EMobility Professional 1801
1x L2-04-021 NiMH battery AAA
1x L3-03-165 Layout diagram 1801 leXsolar-EMobility Professional
1x L3-03-258 Info sheet initial startup

Zusätzlich empfohlene Teile:
L3-03-105 Anleitungsheft leXsolar-Emobility Professional
L3-03-106 Experimentierhandbuch leXsolar-EMobility Professional
L3-03-107 Instructions manual leXsolar-EMobility Professional
L3-03-108 Experiment guide leXsolar-EMobility Professional
L2-04-044 electric grid adapter set


Setup of a simple circuit
Ohm`s law
Series connection of ohmic resistances
Parallel connection of ohmic resistances
Start-up and idling behavior of a motor
Nominal voltage and capacity of voltage sources
Four-terminal sensing
Internal resistance of voltage sources
Series connection of voltage sources
The capacitance of a battery module
The energy density of battery modules
The Ri efficiency of a battery module
The total efficiency of a battery module
Temperature-dependent behavior of the lithium-polymer cell
The charging process of a capacitor
The discharge process of a capacitor
I-V characteristics of the single NiMH battery module
I-V characteristics of the NiZn battery module
I-V characteristics of the LiFePo battery module
I-V characteristics of the lead battery module
I-V charachteristics of the lithium-polymer battery module
I-V characteristics of the triple NiMH battery module
The charging process of the NiMH battery
The charging process of the NiZn battery
The charging process of the LiFePo battery
The charging process of the lead battery
The charging process of the lithium-polymer battery
The discharging process of a battery module
Hydrogen production in the reversible hydrogen fuel cell
Characteristic curve of the electrolyzer
Hydrogen consumption of a fuel cell
Characteristic curve of the fuel cell
The efficiency of the hydrogen fuel cell
Operation of the electric car with several battery modules
Operation of the electric car with the reversible fuel cell

Assembly Plan


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