leXsolar-SmartGrid Professional

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Understanding the complex interactions between renewable energies, energy stores and consumers in a smart grid is an important objective in vocational and technical education. leXsolar-SmartGrid Professional is the ideal basic training system to reach this goal. With setting-up smart grids on a laboratory scale and its measurement and control students will learn the electro-technical challenges of mains operations very demonstratively. Pre-set or user-created scenarios let the students gradually develop their knowledge with their own experiments. The influence of renewable energies on grid stability is one major issue of the product. The students at first experience the problem within an experiment to develop approaches for increasing grid stability on their own. At the end they will verify them in practical experiments. Even such complex concepts as demand-side-management or conductor rope monitoring can be addressed in experiments. The basis for most of the experiments is the innovative leXsolar-Smartmeter allowing measurement and control of the energy fluxes in the experiments.
The experiment components for renewable energies such as wind and photovoltaics as well as energy stores such as lithium-iron-phosphate batteries or fuel cells allow a large variety of fundamental experiments besides the smart grid experiments.


2x 1400-13 leXsolar-Base unit Professional
2x 9100-04 SmartMeter
1x 1118-03 leXsolar-Wind turbine module Pro
1x 1100-04 Solar module 5.33 V, 370 mA
1x 1400-19 Wind machine
1x 1118-02 Motor module Pro
1x 1118-17 Base for solar panel
2x 9100-05 PowerModule
1x 1400-12 leXsolar-Wind rotor set
2x 1118-01 Light bulb module Pro
1x 1118-11 Capacitor module Pro
1x 9100-03 AV-Module
1x 1800-08 Battery module holder 1xAAA Pro
1x 1801-06 LiFePo-battery AAA
1x 1800-12 Fuel cell holder Pro
1x 1118-13 MPP-Tracker Pro
2x 1607-01 Grid module Pro
1x 1118-05 Diode module Pro
1x 1100-62 Potentiometer module 110 Ohm Pro
1x L2-04-116 Illuminant 120W, 12°
1x L2-04-080 Lamp housing
6x L2-05-068 Safety short-circuit plug, with mid socket
1x L3-01-137 Koffer SmartGrid Pro 1607
1x L3-01-138 Einlage SmartGrid Pro 1607
5x L2-04-066 Safety test lead, 25cm, red
4x L2-04-067 Safety test lead, 25cm, black
4x L2-04-059 Safety test lead, 50cm, red
4x L2-04-060 Safety test lead, 50cm, black
1x L2-02-017 Propeller
1x L2-06-067 Reversible Fuel cell
1x L3-03-176 Azimuth angle scale
1x L3-03-171 Einräumplan 1607 SmartGrid Professional
1x L3-01-199 Deckelschaum Zuschnitt 625x345x5mm
1x L3-03-258 Info sheet initial startup

Zusätzlich empfohlene Teile:
L2-04-044 electric grid adapter set
1100-63 DC converter 120V - 240V


Smart Grid Experiments:
Daily power fluctuations of a photovoltaic (PV) power plant
Daily power fluctuations of a wind power plant
Energy supply of a building by conventional power plants
Energy supply of a building by conventional and PV power plants
Energy supply of a building by conventional and PV power plants with storage
Voltage behavior and grid stability in a radial distribution system
Grid stability with PV power plants
Grid stability with PV power plants depending on consumer load
Grid stability with PV power plants depending on wire length
Grid stability with PV power plants and smart transformer stations
Grid stability with PV power plants and storages
Grid integration of E-Mobility
Conductor rope management

Fundamental experiments:
- Photovoltaics
IV-Characteristics of solar panels
IV-Characteristics depending on illumination
IV-Characteristics depending on temperature
- Wind energy
Turbine power dependent on blade shape and pitch angle
Turbine power dependent on number of blades
Turbine power dependent on wind direction

- Fuel Cell and Electrolyzer
Functionality of an electrolyzer
IV-characteristics of an electrolyzer
Functionality of a fuel cell
IV-characteristics of a fuel cell

Storage technologies
Charge and discharge characteristics of a capacitor
Functionality and charge procedure of a LiFePo battery
Operation of fuel cells and electrolyzers

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