leXsolar-Esave Ready-to-go 2.0

Item number: 1504


Thanks to the leXsolar-ESave Ready-to-go, discussions about energy becomes more tangible. The approach is holistic: the
students focus first on issues like global energy consumption,
climate change or energy consumption at private households. Based on the question-at-hand, students will make measurements based on the problem; for instance things like room temperature or climate, water and energy consumption, etc. The goal is to foster the ability to identify potentials for improvements and savings.


1x L2-06-221 TFA Basisstation
4x L2-06-222 TFA Temperatur- und Luftfeuchtigkeitssensor
1x L2-06-223 TFA CO2 Messstation mit Netzteil und SD-Karte
1x L2-06-220 SD-Kartenleser
1x L2-06-034 Luxmeter
1x L2-06-035 infrared thermometer 4970
1x L2-06-041 Flowmeter
1x L3-01-230 Koffer ESave Rtg 2.0 1504
1x L3-01-229 Einlage ESave Rtg 2.0 1504
11x L2-04-135 Batterie AA, 1,5V, 2900mAh
2x L2-06-036 Energy meter
1x L3-03-329 Einräumplan 1504 ESave Ready-to-go 2.0
1x L3-03-258 Info sheet initial startup


Understanding Energy
• Primary- and secondary energy, resources and reserves
• Units and conversions, key sizes
• Production of electricity, comparison of power plants
• Worldwide energy consumption
• Climate change and CO2
• Why save energy?
• Where do we need energy?

• Learn more about your school – Which energy sources are used? What are their locations & costs?
• Temperature in the classroom
• Heat loss of buildings
• Air quality
• Heating and ventilating: correct behavior
• Humidity

• Learn more about your school – Where does drinking water come from? Where does the used water go? What are the annual consumption & costs, etc.
• Hot water preparation
• Where is water consumed: correct behavior Electricity Consumption
• Learn more about your school – Which energy supplier are use? What are theannual consumption & costs?
Electrical energy in everyday life
Electrical energy in the kitchen
Energy guzzler
Hidden loss: stand-by-mode and the "off" position.

Light in the classroom
Comparison of different light sources
Researching different brightnesses

Assembly Plan


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