leXsolar-Wind Basic

Item number: 1430


leXsolar-Wind Basic is the optimal beginner package for the topic of wind energy. Even for a small price it allows the most important basic experiments regarding wind energy. Thus, various parameters such as number or shape of rotor blades and rotor blade pitch can be studied with the help of the innovative leXsolar-wind rotors. Therefore, the product playfully provides an understanding of the operation of wind turbines.
For using this product you additionally need the leXsolar-Minikit Basic in primary school and the leXsolar-Kit Basic in Junior High School, each of which contains all necessary accessories.


1x 1400-08 LED-module 2mA, red
1x 1400-12 leXsolar-Wind rotor set
1x 1400-19 Wind machine
1x 1400-21 Wind rotor set (assemblied)
1x 1400-22 Wind turbine module
1x 1430-01 Carton 1430
1x L3-01-177 Insert Wind basic 1430
1x L3-03-204 Layout diagram Wind Basic 1430
1x L3-03-220 Instruction for use of finger protector
1x L3-03-258 Info sheet initial startup

Zusätzlich benötigte Teile:
1x 2030 leXsolar-Minikit Basic
1x 2031 leXsolar-Kit Basic


Wind energy conversion
Dependence of the wind power plant on wind speed
Start-up speed at a wind power plant
Dependence of the wind power plant on number of blades
Dependence of the wind power plant on rotor blade profile
Dependence of the wind power plant on rotor blade pitch
Dependence of the wind power plant on wind direction
Characteristics of the wind generator

Assembly Plan


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