leXsolar-Wind Ready-to-go

Item number: 1405


True to the tradition of the Ready-to-go series, this system
enables the maximum number of experiments without the need for
additional accessories. It comes in a the sturdy aluminum case and is location-independent. All needed equipment and the "Anemometer" expansion are already included.
With the leXsolar Wind Ready-to-go, you will be able to answer any questions you may have concerning the basic concepts of using
wind energy.
The leXsolar Wind Ready-to-go is also suitable for in-house workshops, for example, for use by sales representatives.


1x 1100-19 leXsolar-Base unit Large
1x 1100-22 Resistor module
1x 1100-23 Potentiometer module
1x 1100-25 Buzzer module
1x 1100-26 Light bulb module
1x 1100-27 Motor Module without Gear
1x 1100-28 Color discs - Set 1
1x 1400-01 leXsolar-Savonius rotor modulw
1x 1400-19 Wind machine
1x 1400-22 Wind turbine module
1x 1400-07 Capacitor module 220 mF, 2.5V
1x 1400-08 LED-module 2mA, red
1x 1400-12 leXsolar-Wind rotor set
1x 1400-16 stator for anemometer
1x 9100-05 PowerModule
2x L2-06-011 Digital multimeter
1x L2-06-012 Test lead black 25 cm
1x L2-06-013 Test lead red 25 cm
2x L2-06-014 Test lead black 50 cm
2x L2-06-015 Test lead red 50 cm
1x L2-06-027 Anemometer
1x L3-01-024 Aluminum case "Wind-Ready to go"
1x L3-01-050 Insert Wind Ready-to-go
1x L3-03-133 Layout diagram 1405 Wind Ready-to-go
1x L3-03-258 Info sheet initial startup
1x L3-01-200 Deckelschaum mit Noppen

Zusätzlich empfohlene Teile:
L3-03-123 Lehrerheft leXsolar-Wind Ready-to-go
L3-03-038 Anleitungsheft leXsolar-Wind Ready-to-go
L3-03-125 Teacher`s manual leXsolar-Wind Ready-to-go
L3-03-073 Intructions manual leXsolar-Wind Ready-to-go


Influence of the wind speed on a wind turbine
Start-up wind speed at a wind turbine
Comparison of the start-up wind speed of a Savonius and a three-blade rotor
Change the turbine voltage by connecting a consumer
Examine the wind speed behind the rotor
Energy balance sheet at a wind turbine
Calculating the efficiency of a wind turbine
Storing electric energy
Energy conversion in a wind turbine
Examine color wheels using a wind turbine
Comparison of a Savonius rotor and a three-blade rotor
Comparison of two, three and four-blade rotors
Characteristic curves of a wind turbine
Influence of the wind direction
Influence of the rotor blade pitch
Influence of the rotor blade pitch on the start up speed of a wind turbine
Influence of the blade shape

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