leXsolar-H2 Ready-to-go 3.0

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leXsolar-H2 Ready-to-go 3.0 offers the entire range of current fuel cell technology for teaching. The product has been completely revised and now includes the latest types of fuel cells. With a solar module, electrolyser and fuel cell, a solar-hydrogen cycle can be set up and examined.
Functionality, efficiency and characteristics of the electrolyser and fuel cell or fuel cell stack are just a few of the topics. In addition to the PEM fuel cells, an ethanol fuel cell and a SOFC fuel cell are also included, so different technologies can be compared with one another.
To repeat the experiments at any time, quickly and with high frequency, we also recommend the H2 Charger, with which the H2 Storage module can be filled.


1x 1100-19 leXsolar-Base unit Large
1x 1100-23 Potentiometer module
1x 1100-27 Motor Module without Gear
1x 1100-31 Solar module 2.5 V, 420 mA
1x 1200-18 H2 Storage
1x 1213-01 Gas storage module
3x 1218-02 PEM-Fuel Cell Module
1x 1218-03 Electrolyzer module 2.0
1x 1700-01 leXsolar ethanol fuel cell module
1x 1218-01 SOFC-Fuel cell module
1x L2-02-017 Propeller
1x L2-04-022 Lamp with table clamp
2x L2-06-011 Digital multimeter
2x L2-06-012 Test lead black 25 cm
2x L2-06-013 Test lead red 25 cm
1x L2-06-014 Test lead black 50 cm
1x L2-06-015 Test lead red 50 cm
1x L2-06-132 Valve for H2 Storage
1x L2-06-133 Gas burner small
1x L3-03-258 Info sheet initial startup
0,15x L2-02-048 Silicone tube 2 mm
1x L3-03-328 Layout diagram 1224 H2 Ready-to-go 3.0
1x L3-01-225 Koffer H2 Rtg 3.0 1224
1x L3-01-224 Einlage H2 Rtg 3.0 1224


Structure of the electrolyser and of the different fuel cells
Properties of the electrolyser
Characteristic curve of the electrolyser
Properties of a PEM fuel cell
Characteristic of the PEM fuel cell
Properties of an ethanol fuel cell
Characteristic of the ethanol fuel cell
Faraday and energy efficiency of the electrolyser
Faraday and energy efficiency of the PEM fuel cell
Parallel and series connection of PEM fuel cells
Properties of a SOFC fuel cell
Characteristic of the SOFC fuel cell
Hydrogen storage with the H2 storage technology

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