H2 Charger

Item number: 1200-17


The H2 Charger is an independent and easy solution for the production of hydrogen. The system is compatible with all PEM-fuel cell systems of the leXsolar experimentation kits. Components like gas cylinders are not needed as the hydrogen is stored directly as metal hydride in the H2 Storage.

Technical data:
Weight: 1.8kg
Usable water: de-ionized or distilled water (10 … 40°C)
Water usage: approx. 20ml/h
Release pressure: 0-3.0 MPa
Gas generation: up to 3 l/h
Purity of produced hydrogen: 99.99%
Charging time for one H2-Storage: approx. 4 hours


1x L2-06-128 H2 Charger
1x L3-01-118 Aufkleber "H2 Charge"
1x L3-01-119 Aufkleber "leXsolar" 25mm x 45mm

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