leXsolar-PV Professional

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Nowadays, a comprehensive understanding of photovoltaics is necessary for a variety of professions in the fields of renewable
energies. For the relevant studies and courses of education,
leXsolar-PV Professional offers the optimal tools for practical
courses. The spectrum of experiments reaches from the physical
fundamentals of photovoltaics, to the analysis of the components
of PV-Systems, up to the design of complex PV-Systems on a
laboratory scale. The experiments are designed to be equally
employed for training of sales representatives, for apprenticeship,
in-service training of technicians and PV-installers, as well as form basic education of engineers. leXsolar-PV Professional offers experiments for both electrical engineering and photovoltaics. But the main focus is on laboratory experiments on photovoltaic systems. Due to the modular setup, the very detailed specific characteristics of single components can be analyzed, such as the switching threshold of series or shunt regulators. Because of the integrated manual mode, the included MPP tracker enables a descriptive understanding of the really important principle of the MPP tracking. With the help of the PWM regulator the principle of pulse width modulated charging can be demonstrated. In addition, an inverter displays the generation of alternating current out of a solar panel current. The product is completed through a variety of different electrical consumers such as a super bright LED or a light
bulb, which can be used to compare their efficiency. A radio,
which can be powered to the solar panel, helps to increase the
attentiveness of students.


3x 1100-01 Solar module 0.5 V, 420 mA
1x 1100-04 Solar module 5.33 V, 370 mA
1x 1118-05 Diode module Pro
1x 1118-04 Potentiometer module Pro
1x 1118-06 Shunt regulator module Pro
1x 1118-02 Motor module Pro
1x 1118-01 Light bulb module Pro
1x 1400-13 leXsolar-base unit Professional
1x 1118-08 LED module (high brightness) Pro
1x 1118-07 Deep discharge protection module Pro
1x 1118-10 Series regulator module Pro
1x 1118-11 Capacitor module Pro
1x 1118-16 Radio module Pro
1x 1118-12 DC/ AC-Inverter Pro
1x 1118-13 MPP-Tracker Pro
1x 1118-15 PWM regulator Pro
1x 1800-06 Resistor plug element 33 Ohm
3x 1800-04 Resistor plug element 100 Ohm
2x 1800-05 Resistor plug element 10 Ohm
3x 1100-02 Solar module 0.5 V, 840 mA
2x 1800-01 Resistor module (triple) Pro
3x 1100-59 Lighting module (with safety sockets)
1x 1118-17 Base for solar panel
2x 9100-03 AV-Module
1x 9100-05 PowerModule
1x 1100-29 Solar cell cover set (4 pieces)
1x L2-02-017 Propeller
1x L3-01-074 Aluminium case PV Professional 1118
4x L2-04-066 Safety test lead, 25cm, red
3x L2-04-067 Safety test lead, 25cm, black
2x L2-04-059 Safety test lead, 50cm, red
1x L2-04-060 Safety test lead, 50cm, black
3x L2-05-068 Safety short-circuit plug, with mid socket
1x L3-01-090 Insert PV Professional 1118
1x L2-04-080 Lamp housing
1x L2-04-093 Illuminant 80W
1x L3-03-181 Layout diagram 1118 PV Professional
1x L3-03-258 Info sheet initial startup

Zusätzlich benötigte Teile:
1x L2-06-016 Laboratory thermometer

Zusätzlich empfohlene Teile:
L3-03-084 Anleitungsheft leXsolar-PV Professional
L3-03-085 Experimentierhandbuch leXsolar-PV Professional
L3-03-093 Instructions manual leXsolar-PV Professional
L3-03-097 Experiment handbook leXsolar-PV Professional
L2-04-044 electric grid adapter set
1100-63 DC converter 120V - 240V


Electrical engineering basic experiments:
Measurement of voltage current, and power Ohm's law
Series connection of resistors (voltage divider)
Parallel connection of resistors (current divider)

Photovoltaic basic experiments
Series and parallel connection of solar cells
Power dependence on the surface area of the solar cell
Power dependence on the angle of incidence
Power dependence on level of illumination
Power dependence on level of illumination under load
Internal resistance dependence on level of illumination
Shading effect on solar cells
Dark characteristic curve of solar cells
I-V-characteristics, MPP and fill factor of solar cells
Dependence of the I-V-characteristics of solar cells on level of illumination
Dependence of the I-V-characteristics of solar cells on temperature
Characteristic curve of solar modules
I-V-characteristics of partly shaded solar modules
Temperature coefficient of solar cells

Photovoltaic system experiments:
Components of an off-grid system
Possible operating conditions of off-grid systems
Working principle of shunt and series regulators
Comparison of PWM- and series regulator
Load characteristic of PWM regulators
Working principle of a MPP tracker
Characteristics of a MPP tracker
Working principle of deep discharge protection
Working principle of an inverter
Determination of the output voltage progression at an inverter

Assembly Plan


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