Solar module 2.5 V, 420 mA

Item number: 1100-31


Solar module with 5 high efficiency polycrystalline solar cells
2.5 V open circuit voltage
420 mA short circuit current
1 Wp peak power
Optimized low light behaviour
Solar cell size 5 pcs. 26 mm x 52 mm
Contacting via 4mm jacks
With connecting 4mm banana plugs the module can be set up with an angle of ca. 80°
Grid-dimension of the jacks: 70 mm
Module size: 85 mm x 151 mm


2x L2-05-051 Buchse blank 6,4 - M6x75,GL 13,3, RO-154
1x L2-05-049 Kappe 155er für Buchse 6mm, rot
1x L2-05-048 Kappe 155er für Buchse 6mm, schwarz
1x L4-02-016 Solarmodul 2,5V, 420mA, 85x151
2x L2-05-037 Zahnscheibe, DIN 6798 A 2 I 6,4 rostfrei
2x L6-02-002 Mutter M6 für Buchse 6,4

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