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The world is turning to electric transportation to curb greenhouse gas emissions. The trend toward electric mobility forces changes along the automotive sector's entire value chain. The new vehicles on the one hand require a number of technically innovative components and systems to operate and on the other hand new infrastructure, business models and services. The only way to achieve this, is high-quality training and education at colleges, vocational schools and universities.

With leXsolar-EMobilty Instructor students can gain comprehensive knowledge of state-of-the-art electric mobility systems as well as the underlying technical concepts and components. Batteries and battery management systems, controllers and CAN bus as well as motor and power train concepts are only a few topics that are addressed with the practical training sessions of leXsolar-EMobility Instructor. To top it all, students can really drive and the combination of a powerful ride and lab experiments guarantees great learning success!
Detailed specifications of the components:

Interfaces - The system can be accessed by:
- USB for data acquisition (PC)
- Bluetooth (mobile phone, tablet)
- Display (on the dashboard)
- CAN-Bus
- handheld measurement devices

The dashboard gives access to all measurement parameters and allows the full control of the complete car:
- Key switch and automatic dashboard mode
- Display with SOC, battery voltage, battery current, power
- Overall battery voltage measurement
- Individual cell voltage measurement
- Battery temperature measurement
- Motor voltage measurement
- Smooth acceleration control using Potentiometer
- LED interface (indicating mode of operation)
- CAN port for motor configuration
- USB port for data acquisition
- USB port for battery management system (BMS)

The data acquisition system with integrated sensors gives access by computer to:
- Battery voltage
- Battery SOC
- Battery current
- Electrical power

Battery Pack
- LiFePo 30Ah capacity (1,5kWh)
- 2P16S configuration
- Nominal Voltage 51.2 Volts
- Continuous discharge current: 75A
- Max. Peak discharge current: 150A
- Anderson type connector for battery charging
- Emergency stop switch

Battery Management System (BMS)
- Battery protection from under-voltage, over-voltage, over- current and overheat
- Balancing feature for single cells
- CAN- (internal), USB-, RS-232 (internal), Bluetooth- interface

Power Train
- 5 kW BLDC motor
- Rated voltage: 48V
- Rated speed: 4500 RPM
- Efficiency: 88%
- Belt connected direct drive

Motor Controller
- Rated operating voltage: 48-96 Volts
- Rated DC bus current: 30 - 200 Amp
- Allows recuperation
- CAN communication
- Includes CAN-to-USB adapter

Car and Platform
- Max. speed: 75km/h
- Acceleration from 0 to 75 km/h in 5 seconds
- Stainless steel axle with high performance brakes
- High quality frame made in Germany
- Car Axle speed: 2500 RPM
- Delivery is including a stable aluminum platform for working in the lab

1. Battery and Battery Management system
- Characteristics of Lithium-Batteries
- Safety measures when charging batteries
- Typical charging methods
- Determination of the main battery parameters
- Analyze the Battery Management System (BMS) function by discharging the battery pack
2. Configuration and communication
- Motor controller configuration
- BMS configuration
- Bluetooth setup
3. Performance Tests
- Performance test for different loading conditions
- Analysis of speed-time graphs
- Efficiency vs Input current and power
- Calculating state of charge for different discharge duration and analyze with motor output power (Fuel Efficiency)
- Overall efficiency
4. Regenerative Braking
- Concept of regenerative braking
- Efficiency of regenerative braking depending on drive cycle

5. BLDC motors
- Setup and functional principle of BLDC motors
- Voltage Current (IV) Characteristics of BLDC motors
- Torque-Speed / Torque-Power characteristics of BLDC motors
- Efficiency of BLDC motors


1x L3-03-258 Info sheet initial startup
1x L3-03-282 Einräumplan 1804 EMobility Instructor

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Extras available:

L3-03-283 Lehrerheft leXsolar-EMobility Instructor
L3-03-284 Teacher´s manual leXsolar-Emobility Instructor
L3-03-285 Schülerheft leXsolar-EMobility Instructor
L3-03-286 Student´s manual leXsolar-EMobility Instructor

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