AV-Module 12-Pack

Item number: 9107
Preis: EUR -1.00
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This product offers the innovative leXsolar AV-Module as classroom set at a special price. It replaces 24 standard volt- and ammeters. The 12 AV-Modules are stored in stable plastic boxes and premium-quality foam inserts. Despite the additional storage solution the bundle price is lower than buying AV-Module individually.

Not available


12x 9100-03 AV-Module
2x 9106-01 Box 9106
2x L3-01-013 Lid for tray
2x L3-01-157 Insert AV-Modul 6-Pack 9106

Extras needed:

Extras available:

9100-01 USB-Connect
9100-02 WirelessConnect

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