leXsolar-NewEnergy Minikit

Item number: 2001
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leXsolar-NewEnergy Minikit is the optimal beginner package for the topic of renewable energies. The experimental system is specifically adapted for young students in Elementary School and playfully provides an understanding of the topics photovoltaic, wind power, hydro power, electric mobility and fuel cells.

Energy forms and energy conversion
Electrical energy and electrical circuits
The solar cell as energy source
The orientation of the solar cell to light
Difference between solar cells and solar panels
Partial shading of the solar panels
Wind energy conversion
The influence of wind direction
The influence of number of rotor blades
The influence the rotor blade shape
The influence of the rotor blade pitch
Energy from water power
Energy conversions at the water turbine
Influence of the water head
Influence of the angle of incidence
Operation of a solar-powered electric car
The speed of the electric car depending on the sunlight conditions
Operating an electric car with the capacitor
Energy storages
Solar energy storage
Wind energy storage
The properties of a fuel cell
The properties of a electrolyzer
Saving Energy
Comparison light bulb - LED


1x 1100-02 Solar module 0.5 V, 840 mA
1x 1100-07 Solar module 1.5 V, 280 mA
1x 1100-20 Lighting module
1x 1100-25 Buzzer module
1x 1100-26 Light bulb module
1x 1100-27 Motor module without gear
1x 1100-28 Color discs - Set 1
1x 1100-29 Solar cell cover set (4 pieces)
1x 1100-31 Solar module 2.5 V, 420 mA
1x 1600-02 Capacitor module 5.0F/5.4V
1x 1400-08 LED-module 2mA, red
1x 1400-12 leXsolar-Wind rotor set
1x 1400-19 Wind machine
1x 1400-21 Wind rotor set (assemblied)
1x 1400-22 Wind turbine module
1x 1602-01 leXsolar-Base unit small
1x 1602-02 Hand generator
1x 1800-15 Distilled water (100 ml)
1x 1801-02 Electric model car
1x 1900-01 Water wheel module
1x 2001-01 Box 2001
1x L2-02-051 Silicone tube 12 mm
1x L2-06-014 Test lead black 50 cm
1x L2-06-015 Test lead red 50 cm
2x L2-06-033 Short-circuit plug
1x L2-06-067 Reversible Fuel cell
2x L3-01-013 Lid for tray
1x L3-01-104 Padding universal wind
1x L3-01-174 Insert NewEnergy Kit
1x L3-03-218 Layout diagram 2001 NewEnergy Minikit
1x L3-03-220 Instruction for use of finger protector
1x L3-03-258 Info sheet initial startup

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