leXsolar SOFC fuel cell extension

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leXsolar SOFC expansion kit is a great addition to the H2 Ready-to-go or H2 Professional experimental systems for studies of the solid oxide fuel cell technology. The included direct flame microtubular solid oxide fuel cell has rapid startup- / shutdown-time and uses a gaseous fuel (propane-butane mixture) which is beneficial to small-scale power generation and, therefore, can be safely used in the classroom.

Running the motor with the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
Properties of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
I-V characteristics of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell


1x 1221-01 Carton 1221
1x 1218-01 SOFC-Fuel cell module
1x L3-01-218 Einlage SOFC-Brennstoffzelle Erweiterung 1221
1x L3-03-294 Layout diagram 1221 leXsolar SOFC fuel cell extension
1x L3-03-258 Info sheet initial startup
1x L2-06-133 Gas burner small

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