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Discovering solar energy playfully is the basic idea of the leXsolar-sunstick. Due to playful experiments, children from the age of 5 learn how photovoltaic works. As a result, awareness for these future technologies can be raised at an early stage. The leXsolar-sunstick meets the highest requirements on both product quality and also didactical quality. It is extremely robust which is why it is excellently suitable for deployment in kindergarten and elementary schools.

Fascinating optical illusions and effects
The sunstick as propeller
The carousel on your desk
The sunstick as engine with slow or fast spinning driving wheel
The sunstick as mobile
The sunstick as alarm device (with the horn module
The pocket light without battery (with the lamp module)


1x 1101-01 Sunstick crank wheel
1x 1101-02 Sunstick stand
1x 1100-03 Solar module 1.5 V, 420 mA
1x 1101-03 Sunstick wood wheel holder
1x 1100-56 Color discs - Set 2
1x L3-01-002 Packaging leXsolar sunstick, die cuts incl. Inserts
1x L2-06-002 Test lead 4mm-plug, 25cm, black
1x L2-06-003 Test lead with 2 spring loaded plugs 2mm, 25cm, red
2x L2-02-007 Sorting rubber d=65, mark P
1x L2-02-006 Propeller in red
1x L2-03-002 sunstick base
1x L2-06-005 Sunstick buzzer module
1x L2-06-004 Sunstick LED module

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