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Expansion MwM for Wind-Large

Item number: 1404-01
The expansion "Measurements without Measuring devices" increases the functionality of the leXsolar-Wind Large for students between the ages of 11 and 15. Three consumer modules (motor, buzzer, and ...
EUR -1.00

leXsolar-PV Basic

Item number: 1130
What is a solar cell and what is a solar panel? What can be powered with a solar cell? How should you align the solar cell to the sun? These questions and many more can be answered using leXsolar-PV B...
EUR -1.00


Item number: 9100-05
The PowerModule is a compact, robust and easy-to-use power supply for experiments. The voltage can be varied incrementally in 0.5V steps from 0 to 12V. It supplies up to 24W output power! With the aco...
EUR -1.00

Lead (Pb) -battery module Pro

Item number: 1800-13
No description available...
EUR -1.00


Item number: 1101
Discovering solar energy playfully is the basic idea of the leXsolar-sunstick. Due to playful experiments, children from the age of 5 learn how photovoltaic works. As a result, awareness for these fut...
EUR -1.00

Anemometer with mount

Item number: 1400-02
Anemometer for use with the leXsolar-Wind Large. Also usable with mount for plugging onto main board or onto wind turbine module Measurement range of wind speed: 0.2 m/s - 30 m/s Tolerance: 5% Measure...
EUR -1.00

H2 Storage

Item number: 1200-18
The H2 Storage allows for the simple and safe storage of hydrogen as metal hydride. The storage module is easily filled with the H2 Charger or from a gas cylinder. The adjustable valve releases the hy...
EUR -1.00


Item number: L2-06-034
0-50,000 lx 3 ½ digit 11 mm LCD display and battery status indicator Perfect for testing and measuring of lighting condition in offices, factories, hotels, etc. measured spectrum by C.I.E. Silicon pho...
EUR -1.00

Lamp with table clamp

Item number: L2-04-022
Lamp with table clamp for attachment to the edge of a table. Optimal for providing lighting for the solar panels during indoor experiments....
EUR -1.00

Solar module 2.5 V, 420 mA

Item number: 1100-31
Solar module with 5 high efficiency polycrystalline solar cells 2.5 V open circuit voltage 420 mA short circuit current 1 Wp peak power Optimized low light behaviour Solar cell size 5 pcs. 26 mm x 52 ...
EUR -1.00

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