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AV-Modul 6-Pack

Item number: 9106
This 6-pack offers the innovative leXsolar AV-Module at a special price including stable plastic box and premium-quality foam insert. It replaces 12 standard volt- and ammeters. Despite the additional...
EUR -1.00

leXsolar-BioFuel Ready-to-go

Item number: 1703
The entire process of producing biofuel is demonstrated with leXsolar-Biofuel Ready-to-go in the form of student experiments. The suitcase contains all necessary parts and components and can be used f...
EUR -1.00

leXsolar-NewEnergy Minikit

Item number: 2001
leXsolar-NewEnergy Minikit is the optimal beginner package for the topic of renewable energies. The experimental system is specifically adapted for young students in Elementary School and playfully pr...
EUR -1.00

leXsolar-PV Ready-to-go

Item number: 1105
The name says it all: this fully equipped experiment system can be used wherever you are without further components. This kit already includes all necessary ancillary equipment, like measuring equipme...
EUR -1.00

leXsolar-Esave Ready-to-go

Item number: 1502
Thanks to the leXsolar-ESave Ready-to-go, discussions about energy becomes more tangible. The approach is holistic: the students focus first on issues like global energy consumption, climate change o...
EUR -1.00

PowerModule 6-Pack

Item number: 9104
This product offers the innovative leXsolar PowerModule at a special price including stable plastic box and premium-quality foam insert. Despite the additional storage solution the bundle price is lo...
EUR -1.00

leXsolar-Emobility Large

Item number: 1802
This product teaches students the physical and technical foundations and applications of different battery technologies. The highly-topical issue of electric mobility is explored with an electric mode...
EUR -1.00

leXsolar-BioFuel Large

Item number: 1702
The entire process of producing biofuels can be demonstrated with leXsolar-BioFuel Large. It starts with the biological step of alcoholic fermentation. Afterwards the produced mash will be distilled w...
EUR -1.00

leXsolar-H2 Large 2.0

Item number: 1218
This product was completely reworked and now contains the newest fuel cells for educational purposes. Together with the already established PEM-fuel cells and the components of a complete solar-hydrog...
EUR -1.00

leXsolar-Wind Large

Item number: 1404
This system provides you with all the answers you need concerning the basics of using wind energy. With the help of curriculum-based trials, it discusses different topics which are necessary for under...
EUR -1.00

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